Family Sunday Highlights below; New Church Address: 115 Heights Drive, Armley, LS12 3TG

⇒Church times changed service now:10am -2pm 


playing:To be a christian - Jonathan Wutawunashe

We are a  part of an Apostolic Movement  (The African Revival & Worldwide Family of God Churches ) which God has assigned under the leadership of the Apostle & Prophet Andrew Wutawunashe whom  He called to carry out a Vision of Sonship,  Unity and Divine Order to the people of God, the Church.

We have a particular identity that we are given by God to enable us to serve him, and us as a revival, 'The Citywide Family of God Church - LEEDS' carry an identity in the Kingdom of God.

We are a seed of the servant of God Apostle & Prophet Andrew Wutawunashe, also we partake of a prophetic annointing that is upon him - Isaiah 59:21

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